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Azeka Sauce Story

Founder of Azeka Sauce

The Azeka Family has a long history on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Our Grandfather, Kenji Azeka, was born and raised alongside the Kihei coast. Kihei, Maui is the where the Azeka’s Snack Shop was located and many fans enjoyed the Azeka’s Ribs! Our family had many generations of family working the Azeka’s Snack Shop including our father, Bryan Azeka. The atmosphere found at the Azeka’s Snack Shop was quintessential Maui. Everyone who sat to eat our Azeka’s Ribs were all our Ohana. We could always see the deep passion for food, friends, and family.

Home of the
Azeka’s Ribs®

The Snack Shop closed down in 2006. Fans continued to crave those delicious ribs and scoured the internet trying to find what happened. This is why we want to share our Azeka’s Sauce with everyone again! After a successful kickstarter campaign, we brought our original family recipe back into the spotlight. Our Maui Original Sauce, the one that started it all, will bring back those Sweet Maui Memories. Just one taste and you’re back at the Snack Shop in Kihei. Now, you can enjoy the sauce any time at home, on the beach, or at your cousins BBQ!

We recommend using it in a variety of ways and have a recipes page if you need inspiration. Of course, it’s great on those Kalbi style ribs, but you don’t have to stop there! Try it on chicken, rice, fish, stir fry, and salads. We’d like to say that we’re somewhat of a sauce connoisseurs ourselves, so after we produced the Maui Original Sauce, our fans asked for more flavors. We crafted five new delicious sauces that are made from Fresh, Natural Ingredients! Don’t forget to try them all! We make all of our sauces in small batches to assure quality and freshness. We are sure you’ll love Azeka’s Hawaiian Sauces! Enjoy!



Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely, this is the Azeka Family Recipe! Our Maui Original Sauce is what you want to make those delicious Azeka’s Ribs!

Yes! Just check out that label! All of our sauces are made in small batches to ensure freshness!

We sure do! Our Lava Sriracha and Hawaiian Sweet Chili Sauces are both Gluten Free! We’re also in the process of making a GF version of our Maui Original, so stay tuned!

Yes! We use Hawaiian Cane sugar in our Maui Original, Spicy Maui Original, and Hawaiian Sweet Chili Sauces. Remember, a little sauce goes a long way! If you are looking for lower sugar options, try out Lava Sriracha and Soy Sauce!

Our Soy Sauce is like a fine wine. It’s brewed for up to six months in barrels and you can really smell and taste the difference! It has such a wonderful Umami flavor that you can use on everything.

Honestly, everyone’s spice tolerance is different. We pack in a ton of organic chili’s, which makes it have a lot of heat, but also, A LOT of flavor! It’s definitely becoming a staple in many homes!

EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! All of our sauces are great as marinades, dipping sauces, glazes, stir fry sauces, and much more! Use them on a wide variety of meats and veggies.

At this time, we are online sales only. If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area, we are also at the Gilbert Farmers Market every Saturday. We would love to be in stores and hope it’s in our near future!

Unopened sauces can last 2 years. Once opened, we recommend keeping them refrigerated for up to a year!

Yes we are! This is an Azeka Family owned and operated company! Our Grandfather, Kenji Azeka, is the inspiration for all of our sauces. Our Chief Sauce Officer is Bryan Azeka. Our Chief Creative Officer is Alyssa Azeka. Krista Azeka-Ochoa is our Chief Sauce Marketing Officer. Our father, Brian Azeka, helped as a teenager in the Snack Shop during the summers and is now our Chief Tasting Officer. Wanna know more? Check out the “Our story” section to read more about the Azeka Family.

We do not accept returns or provide refunds at this time.

It’s never fun to hear that product prices are being increasing. But we always prefer to have complete transparency with our amazing Azeka’s Sauce customers and fans.

The truth is our prices have been the same since 2014. As in 7 years ago 2014. Since then, we have seen all aspects of our business costs increase. For example, we have always offered FREE Shipping, even though prices have TRIPLED since 2014. We are paying 60%-80% more for our premium ingredients since the start of 2020. This increase helps us ensure our commitment to providing the very best Hawaiian Sauces and flavors of Maui to you.

We appreciate your understanding and a BIG MAHALO for your continued support!