Azeka's Sauce
Azeka's Sauce

Chicken Pineapple Bowl

Picture this, a beautiful and colorful Maui Sunset. You’re on the beach out of nowhere, BAM! A Chicken Pineapple Bowl filled with Azeka’s Marinated Chicken and Fresh Pineapple Chunks pops up! Hey, we won’t judge where it come from, we’re just happy it’s here!

Prep Time: 45-50 minutes
Cook Time: 20-30 minutes


  • One Pineapple
  • Chicken Breast – 4 breasts
  • Azeka’s Maui Original Sauce


Can be served either hot or cold.

Slice chicken into strips and marinate with Azeka’s Maui Original Sauce for at least 30 min. We recommend over night. Grill Chicken until cooked through and set aside.

Cut pineapple in half and carefully remove inner meat. Cut the pineapple meat into bite sized pieces. Add pineapple meat and chicken to a bowl and toss with Azeka’s Maui Original Sauce. Add to your pineapple bowl along with your favorite sides. Ours is pictured with white rice and mac salad.


Tip: If you want to spicy it up, try this recipe with our Spicy Maui Original Sauce!

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